The Art of Kirk Land Weller

I n the Disinformation Age, the most noble work is re-ennobling the Earth. There is only blackness, except that we stand on a sapphire sphere spinning through the dark void of space, illuminated by a source of energy–on the one hand violent and on the other having infinite stability.

And on the surface of that gem-like sphere there is layer upon layer of rock chronicling time, enfolding fossils each of which had its own microcosm of glory and tragedy but with vast majorities of individuals leaving no record—-that is, until we finally decipher it. For now, we pass through an incredible array of throbbing, swimming, flying, crawling, burrowing, sprouting, growing, playing, fighting, leaping, falling ecstacy we call life. The greatest risk is that we avoid it out of fear.

It is natural to have some awe about this. A deep sense of gratitude properly comes out of getting out, looking around, smelling the air, hearing a sound or holding a stone. Even if we stay in one place, much of the wonder comes to us, be it the pageant of the sky, or the sonata of the birds, cicadas, coyotes and frogs.The next place out there with the intricacies of beauty such as our Earth will forever be unknown or mostly unknown to us. So the Earth and the Sun giving it life are the proper subjects for our reverence.

Paint that.